7 Is there a place for spirit or immaterial substances if the two Postulates and the Lemma are accepted?

The attempt carried out here had the main aim of working inside a materialistic conception, trying to express clear premises representative of modern scientific approach and to develop coherent consequences, with particular reference to what has now been understood in the fields of neurology and evolution.
This did not intend to rule out the possibility that the materialistic view be surpassed-subsumed into broader visions, in which the two Postulates would lose their absolute character. If anything, this kind of analysis could ease the passage.
However, if reached with adequate coherence, the assertions and logical connections yielded by the analysis might survive, in a different framework, even in a new conceptual situation.
Thus, for instance, the condition might survive that the constituents of thought be necessarily implemented, or at least implementable, in neural stuff, and be therefore subjected to the limits and bias inherent in that sphere - at least until the building of artificial systems would open new opportunities.